Replica Watches use functionality to determine their design

Although replica Patek Philippe and brands including Cartier say that they have made the world's earliest watches, my analysis and research have found that the earliest is not that important, and some things are just concepts. The real popularity of watches must have been since the First World War. The war moved pocket watches to the wrist and became a product of easy reading. Putting aside the oldest form of welding a pocket watch with two more wire-like ears, the real Patek Philippe's early watches started from 96.


96 was born in 1935. At that time, it did not form a special series, but was called Kara Zhuohua. It can be said that this so-called Kara Zhuohua is also a typical take doctrine, but in the later period it not only became a symbol of replica Patek Philippe, but also became a wonderful flower in the world watch.

The feature of   96 is to truly liberate the concept of a watch, and use functionality to determine its design. Even from today’s point of view, the 96’s design is never to be bored with the most rigorous scrutiny: the design of the sword needle and the bullet head scale, the ratio of length and short is very harmonious, the position of the small three needles is also at the lowest limit, although the shell size of 30.5 mm It looks very small now, but the overall feeling is the most harmonious and perfect. The most commonly used movement of 96 is the 12'''-120 movement, most of which use gooseneck fine-tuning structure, which is precise and perfect.


Collecting 96, the most worthy of concern is the appearance replica watches, especially after about 80 or 90 years of history, it is difficult to find something with relatively perfect appearance. In addition to the many important styles in the history of replica Patek Philippe, there are still many products on the product line that are affected by 96, such as 5196, 5296, 5396 and other hot products.