The strength of replica Patek Philippe in the era of handmade decoration

Patek Philippe made automatic replica watches quite late. It can be said that after 30 years when many brands have automatic watches, Patek Philippe officially launched the automatic fake watches with 12-600 movement, model 2526. However, although it is late, it is very good, and it is now known as the automatic king. The reason for the excellence is that the structure adopts the longest of the people, it is sturdy, accurate and durable, and the winding efficiency is quite high. The second is that the materials and craftsmanship are the top, whether it is the carved K gold pendulum or the hand-polished splint edges and corners, it is reflected Laozi's disdainful attitude. The most powerful thing is that all of this is ice-sealed in the back cover by K gold or even platinum, and users cannot see it (modern players with a transparent back cover are not counted), so adding the enamel process on the upper plate can be described as low-key A typical representative of luxury, the following 27-460 and other proud works all come from this style.

I believe that many people have already done considerable research on the so-called manual watchmaking. In fact, for the modern watch industry, from steel parts to the delivery of a replica watches uk to the user, more than 90% of the craftsmanship does not need to be completed by hand. Don’t you see Swatch’s Planet 51 watch? (I also bought one) Only 51 highly integrated parts are used, even if they are broken, don’t they need to be repaired? In addition to the common enamel and jewellery inlays, the complex manual craftsmanship can be incorporated into the watch. Under the invasion of high technology, the hollowing function can also be completed by a hot saw (I am very proud of this translation), and the rest is the engraving of the splint by hand. For the hollow watch, 3878 is a miracle. It took only a mere ten years to go from obscurity to price increase several times. And in Patek Philippe's hollow watches and even art fake watches, it is also a miracle: it represents the strength and artistic aesthetics of Patek Philippe in the era of pure hand modification.

Different from high gem fake watches of other eras, the biggest significance of this watch is that it enriches the best market performance of Patek Philippe high gem fake watches. It is even said that this watch is the beginning of Patek Philippe high gem watches: from it, high gem watches Accepted by a wider range of markets, and given a new concept: high gemstones are excellent representatives of complex handwork and expensive materials.

Nautilus stands out from the decadence of traditional replica watches. The design concept of Nautilus originated from the porthole in the cruiser. The bezel is not round or square, but octagonal with curved corners; the protruding shoulder hinges on the left and right sides are vividly compared to "ears." The case is not a three-piece case consisting of a case back, a bezel and a ring, but a one-piece structure made of a whole piece of stainless steel, leaving only one shank hole for the mainspring stem. The crystal bezel is firmly fixed to the case by four screws. Today’s Nautilus comes from this prototype and is considered the most influential originator of sports watches.