The sputtering process ensures the high precision of the replica watch

From pocket replica watches to wristwatches, even if replica Patek Philippe did not have a dedicated ladies replica watch for a long time, elegant and sophisticated women would still choose slim styles from men's models to wear them.

Someone once photographed the moon phases with rainbow effect using different light angles. I tried different lights myself, but I couldn’t get the same effect, but sometimes the moon phase is a bit colorful under the sun, the effect is similar to the water surface. The reflection of a layer of grease is similar replica watches . Under normal circumstances, the moon phases are grayscale. I have used 10X and 20X magnifiers, different macro lenses, and wanted to see what method was used to print on the glass, but in the end I couldn't see it.

The moon phase display device is composed of two overlapping ultra-thin glass discs. The lower disc is coated with a night sky map. The spray coating process ensures the high precision of the sky map. The moon display effect is larger and more detailed than the traditional way. . Many craters on the moon are faithfully displayed in gray-white gradient colors. The disc rotates once every 29.53 days. The upper fixed disk is metalized to cut out a precisely calculated heart-shaped contour, which covers part of the "moon" on the lower disk like a mask, and evolves different moon phases as the lower disk continues to rotate . Unlike the moon phase display of ordinary watches, the moon phase discs of 5575 and 7175 have only one simulated moon instead of two.

In addition to the case and lantern buckle that are different from other world time, the 5575 and 7175 also have an additional adjustment point for moon phase adjustment at 2 o'clock, but this adjustment point is different from most adjustment points. With each press, the moon phase only jumps half a square. The movement is based on 240 as the general world time, but it has the LU (Large Moon Phase Display) function, and the movement is fully replica rolex replaced with Gyromax silicon balance wheel and Spiromax silicon hairspring.